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“FLM Pakistan” 7-4-22 Ministry Update

FLM Pakistan 7-4-22 Ministry update

First Love Ministries USA, in partnership with Brother Paul, has created FLM Pakistan.  FLM Pakistan is all about serving the needs of our Brothers & Sisters in Christ who are in great distress every day – all day 24/7!

Hyper Inflation: Medicine, Electricity, Gas, Increased Rents & Food (300%)!
Please pray for Brother Paul and all those he works to serve. Christian men are forced to work in the sewer systems and other of the lowest social and least paying jobs. The women are in even greater distress, forced to work in all the most demeaning jobs. The police and government officials hate Christians, and do not protect the women from major abuse, and so many are raped! It is horrible that Christians are subjected to this type of evil treatment!  

In direct response to Jesus’ teaching that, “when we serve the needs of one of the least of His (Fellow Christians) we are doing it to Him” – FLMUSA is compelled to partner with Brother Paul, and we need ministry partners to help us support the important work of FLM Pakistan!  

Brother Paul leads a small community of Christ followers and is working to create a safe and joyful church family. Much is needed and the list would be too much to detail in this report. So please pray for Brother Paul and his community of believers as they work to increase the outreach of FLM Pakistan to those who want to know more about the enteral hope of Jesus Christ!  

We pray for you and trust that GOD will continue blessing you as you bless others.

Please pray for those who are able will step forward with special gifts at this time and that others will prayerfully commit to becoming monthly support partners!

“Do you love me?” … Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep”. (John 21:17)

GOD bless you and thank you!  

In Christ Jesus,


Don Nourse
First Love Ministries USA

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