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Help Us Bring The Gospel and Much Needed Supplies To The Places That Need It The Most

Thank you for being a joyful ministry partner of First Love Ministries USA!

Thank you for being a joyful giver in the name of Jesus Christ. Please pray for us, that GOD might use the funds donated to bring thousands and even millions of lost souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

First Love Ministries USA, a 501c3 Non-profit organization that mails each donor a year-end receipt for the total of all donations as per IRS code. For us to confirm your donations it is very important that we have your name, mailing address and e-mail address (if any).

Credit or Debit Card

To Donate with PayPal or a Credit or Debit Card simply click the button below.

Mail us a Check

Please make your tax-deductible check out to: “FLMUSA”; with desired purpose in memo section.

Please mail to the address below:
Don Nourse
First Love Ministries USA
56 Cornflower
Irvine, CA 92620

To Donate Securities

To Donate
Stocks & Crypto

Stocks,  Bonds, or direct wires

Contact: Don Nourse

(714) 222-7800


E-mail: for instructions.

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First Love Ministries USA

First Love Ministries USA has as its sole purpose the glorification of Jesus Christ by: The teaching and preaching of GOD'S Word as given to us in the Bible, helping the poor and needy in the Name of Jesus Christ, and helping with fundraising and support for other like-minded Christian ministries throughout the world.

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