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Jesus Loves all the Girls & Young Women – Read & Pray!

The young women and girls at the orphanage have special needs!
Greetings from Impact Ministries Uganda,

We are grateful for our sponsors who have kept us going with their generous financial support during 2022 – May God bless you and your families!  

In today’s update we focus on Impact Ministries efforts to save the young girls who are defenseless in our society. We welcome the young girls off the streets and provide them with food, medical treatment, clothing, shelter and education. The girls aged between 4 and 15 years have found refuge at Impact Orphanage in Uganda for almost 20 years.  

“I stopped going to school in order to marry,” says Dorothy, a young girl of 15 years. “I was married during a school break and, before I could return, I became pregnant. After that, I never returned.”

Dorothy is one of the many girls we have provided refuge and hope for at Impact Orphanage. The girls in Africa face a lot of challenges due to cultural mentality. While at home, girls do most of the work including fetching water, cooking, etc. Due to the many hardships they must endure they drop out of school and many runaway to live on the streets.  

At Impact Orphanage the girls now have a future, and they rejoice in learning of the love and eternal hope of Jesus Christ! Some of them join the church choir and sing every Sunday. We place the older girls in our Skills Training Center to prepare them for our apprenticeship program. They learn work skills like tailoring and hair dressing so that when they leave the orphanage, they will hopefully be self-reliant.  

At the orphanage, the girls have the greatest need for help in regard to supplies and clothing. They need what all young girls need as they grow up to be young women. The need panties, feminine pads, soap etc. We need special gifts this month to provide they special supplies for over 250 girls in the orphanage ($5,000). Please help us with this important need for our young women at the orphanage.  

We are faced with the Ebola virus in Uganda. It was brought in by refugees from the Congo who have run away from their country due to war. Government has put strict measures and regulations to schools to ensure hygiene and safety of the children. We need soap, hand washing facilities etc. Kindly support us with $2,000 to handle these requirements from the Ministry of health.  

We are committed to praying for each one of you and trust God each day to bless you as you bless the children, boys and girls!

Please pray that those who are able will send special gifts to allow us to bring the loving touch and eternal hope of Jesus to the orphans!

In Christ Jesus,

Patrick Okabe
Impact Ministries Uganda

“… whatever you did for one of the least of these …, you did for me.’”

Prayer Requests
Girl’s Special needs: $5,000
Ebola hygiene requirements: $2,000
Orphanage Food, Medicine, Staff (28), Supplies/Repairs: $26,500 (Monthly)
Skills Training Center Staff (2), Computers & Materials: $2,000 (Monthly)
Faith Radio Staff (6) & Operating Expenses: $4,500 (Monthly)
Faith Radio Back-up Transmitter: $15,000 (One Time)
Shoes for the children: $8,000 (One Time Year)
Fumigation & Mosquito nets; $6,000 (2 times a year)
Medical Clinic: $40,000 (One Time)

Pray that those who are able will step forward with special gifts!

“Do you love me?” … Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep”. (John 21:17)

We need your prayers and financial support each month. I pray that GOD would bless you as you bless the children!

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Don Nourse
First Love Ministries USA

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