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Urgent Need “Feed My Sheep” – Read & Pray!

Please Send Special Gifts to Feed and Care For the Orphans!

Greetings from Impact Ministries Uganda,

We sincerely want to thank all who have supported us over these many years. Your gifts have allowed us to bring hope of Jesus to the children and reach the lost through Faith Radio broadcasting of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

We pray for you and trust our Loving Father GOD in Heaven to take care of your needs, and the needs of your family, for your generosity in the name of Jesus is a true blessing to the children.  

I have attached photos that show the children living together as “family”. Many brothers and sisters, all eating in the dining, living in the dormitories, going to church, and playing games. The children have learned to live as a “Christian Family”. The older ones looking after the younger ones. The children of the orphanage live happily in well-kept dormitories. They share the “joy of youth” and celebrate true happiness with their large family at Impact orphanage   

All this is possible through the generous giving of our partners who are moved by compassion, and passion for serving Jesus Christ. We do pray for protection and prosperity for all who identify with us in this mission hope!  

As we come to the end of the month, we are trusting God to provide much needed funds. Please pray for us, as we need funds now!  

The donations help us buy food, soap, firewood, repair broken beds, toilets, as well us paying salaries of our 26 members of staff. We must always replace plates and cups, as well us mosquito nets, mattresses etc. Each child is given a plastic plate and plastic cup once or twice a year. Some younger children lose theirs and come back to the office crying. Some plates and cups get worn out. We have many needs for the basic supplies it takes for nearly 600 children to live a normal life at the orphanage.  

We pray for donations to help us in these replacements as well as the monthly budget. Most children are now bare footed. They need shoes. We pray a generous donor may consider the need and give one time gift of $8,000 to buy shoes for 500+ children that are in need.  

As you see in the dormitories the children are exposed to malaria. We need funds for mosquito nets. The nets get torn in one year. What has helped us is fumigation and spraying the breeding places for mosquitoes. We spray every 6 months. We are now due to spray again for the second time this year $3,000.

Please do not grow weary of supporting the children, for your special gifts bring the loving touch and eternal hope of Jesus to the orphans!

In Christ Jesus,

Patrick Okabe
Impact Ministries Uganda

“… whatever you did for one of the least of these …, you did for me.’”

Prayer Requests:
Orphanage Food, Medicine, Staff (28), Supplies/Repairs: $26,500 (Monthly)
Skills Training Center Staff (2), Computers & Materials: $2,000 (Monthly)
Faith Radio Staff (6) & Operating Expenses: $4,500 (Monthly)
Faith Radio Back-up Transmitter: $15,000 (One Time)
Shoes for the children: $8,000 (One Time Year) Fumigation & Mosquito nets; $6,000 (4 times a year)

Medical Clinic: $40,000 (One Time)

Pray that those who are able will step forward with special gifts!

“Do you love me?” … Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep”. (John 21:17)

We need your prayers and financial support each month. I pray that GOD would bless you as you bless the children!

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Don Nourse
First Love Ministries USA

Donate by Credit or Debit Card

Please make your tax-deductible checks out to:
“FLMUSA” (First Love Ministries USA)

Mail to:
Don Nourse
56 Cornflower
Irvine, CA 92620

Please Consider Donating Stocks